6 benefits on how LinkedIn can help Small Business (SMEs)

6 benefits on how LinkedIn can help Small Business (SMEs)


In current era of web, Social media is dominating the online marketing.

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By Jeffrey Rufino

It turns into addiction and become popular as a way to pick up businesses effectiveness and endow with as an online source for communicating, marketing and hiring. Social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc… will help Small business OR Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in several ways. When used properly, LinkedIn can be one of the most excellent possessions for achieving these purposes, with cutting costs.


Perfect Profile:

A profile in a social media site is like a business card. A company profile for the LinkedIn should include a photo and a small initial description that contains your pre-selected keywords, as this will help to boost visitors to the website through search engines.


After implementation your business LinkedIn profiles, ensure that you don’t end there. It can be substance you and your small business whereas to tap into LinkedIn’s many incorporated features.



Things to be ensured


  1. Modify your LinkedIn URLs:

Customize and brand your URLs by modifying a profile URL in your company name and showcasing your website listing with your small business or blog name and make your brand name stronger. This makes sure that profile hits the Google search listing when your prospective costumer tries to find you online.


  1. Invite for Recommendations:

LinkedIn offers a technique to reach out to your professional connections and invite for recommendations of your work achievements. Once your customer is on your company LinkedIn profile, recommendation plays a role of portfolio for your business. Recommendation will directly reflect the success and the happy client base of your business


  1. Keep on Top of Mind:

Updating once a day, and associating that post to your business’ Twitter and Facebook accounts, can help you to stay fresh in the minds of your connections and visitors. People are more active on social networking site now-a-days, so this would be the best platform where you can say that, “Hey, this is my business and I am good at what I offer”.


  1. Group Resolutions and Feedback:

If you have got plans you want to run by your stares or an irritating business trouble that wants a resolution, LinkedIn groups and Q&A are trendy and effectual ways to get feedback. This is the best way to know what’s new in the market and stay informed. Also it’s a great way to find new clients.


  1. Share unique Events:

Either you are planning to go to attend a charity dinner or host a get to gather for your clients, a thread of opportune LinkedIn shares can be immense for increasing community awareness. Where there is a business Social responsibilities becomes unavoidable. Organizing social event will definitely help creating an emotional touch with you existing client base. It’s a small bit of thing we can do for the society that we live in.


  1. Direct Local and Industry Attention:

If you got an article in an online journal or a blog post you’re mostly self-important of, LinkedIn sharing can be a useful source to share that content to your network!  This is give a vibe to your existing and prospective customers that the business and the owner are updated with the latest news and well informed on the business there are in.



In recent times LinkedIn launched tons of new, Facebook-esque Share elements.  But you have to keep this in mind that the way you had utilize LinkedIn sharing for your small business is probable departing to be a lot unusual from how you’d use your personal Facebook profile or timeline. Using available online platforms like LinkedIn to the optimum, will keep SME owners to stay one step ahead from their competitors.

About the Author, Jeffrey Rufino

My life work is focused on content strategy and Facebook advertising campaigns to make the internet work for businesses. In my role as a social media manager, I incorporate human psychology, copy-writing and business strategies to produce return on investment for clients. I’m results and project driven.


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  • Thanks for reminding me of LinkedIn – the tool I should be using more and that I often forget about because I have way more fun with more real-time Social Media Tools

    • , Gennia! It’s just not cool to send LinkedIn’s gerneic message to people you don’t know hoping they connect with you and magically send business your way.

  • Yes I know what you mean Frithjof! at the end of the day we are here to help our business grow!

    • In a world where so many poelpe have relationships that at some point involve the Internet, a photo and profile on sites such as Linkedin serve as a business card and an introduction.

  • Great blog, did you use wordpress or blogengine? I made few blogs myself 🙂 It takes time but it is worth it!

  • WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..extra wait .. …

  • Matt Mikulla: The avgaree linkedin user’s income is around $109k annually. 45% are household decision makers. These are important statistics to know for those marketing products or services.

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