How a copywriter helps promotes and builds business


by Sarah Holzheimer Fingerprint Copy-writing

BLOG Cairns Local Marketing September 2012



Copywriter…what’s that I hear you asking? I guess for me to explain the benefits of using a Copywriter over your ‘average Joe’ who claims he can write, then I need to describe exactly what a Copywriter is & does.


I am a Copywriter! My job is to edit or write written content. My choice of words is generally used in marketing or branding of your business. Copywriters have the clever know how of selling your brand. Think for a moment about all the avenues of expression that writing requires, well that’s what I do! Developing creative words for articles (online or print), BLOGS, websites, radio advertising & more. This is the job description of a Copywriter. Now I’ll share with you why it’s ESSENTIAL to the backbone of your brand to use a Copywriter.


Copywriters know how to use smart word attractive content by the forming of sentences or the use of one singular word that gets your buyers looking twice. By creating a visual feast for your eyes & ears this evokes an emotion or feeling, a memory recall, setting one’s heart on the buying your brand.


A good Copywriter uses AIDA which means Attention Interest Desire Action – all perfected within the written word. Being a Copywriter means we think differently, creatively, out of the box so we can help SELL your brand. Sure you could try & create a great marketing campaign yourself but what if your hard work doesn’t pay off. Here’s my suggestion…you stick to the proficient way you look after managing your daily operations & leave the creative stuff to a Copywriter. Any business knows to call an Electrician for an electrical fault, so hey why wouldn’t you call a Copywriter to attend to your writing/marketing needs. What I’m saying is by hiring a Copywriter your marketing will be structured correctly gaining you maximum exposure, with your brand selling up a storm.


A Copywriter tantalises, teases & temps people to desire YOUR brand. Try a Copywriter today for the ultimate temperature boiling experience. Beware…your target buyers may be left with a deep seeded impact in their buying sensory system, craving what you have!


So next time you need written content or radio advertising let a Copywriter wire your words together in a way that leaves your unique Fingerprint on YOUR advertising campaign. This is how a Copywriter helps build & promote your business.

Anonymous Confucius say…

“He who writes is called a Writer, Author, Blogger, Advertising Specialist…no wonder man doesn’t know what a Copywriter is, too many titles. But one heck of a Writer.”