Facebook Dashboard Support is activated

By Jeffrey Rufino

Facebook isn’t known to have the best customer service online. When you Google ” Facebook customer service reviews” you get 500million+ results. I think they’re starting to change that today. Today I’ve noticed that facebook has notified users about content they have reported.

Here is the notification I have received about content I reported.


You can also access the support customer dashboard here.


Facebook customer service is about to improve

What does this mean for consumers? Now we will be able to  follow up on reports like cyber bullying, facebook advertising problems, hacked account issues. Are you glad Facebook is making the experience better for it’s users?













About the Author, Jeffrey Rufino

My life work is focused on content strategy and Facebook advertising campaigns to make the internet work for businesses. In my role as a social media manager, I incorporate human psychology, copy-writing and business strategies to produce return on investment for clients. I’m results and project driven.

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