How to turn on facebook replies

Better customer service with Facebook replies

By Jeffrey Rufino

“Starting today, we’re launching a new comments feature designed to improve conversations. ” This was written today by Vadim Lavrusik. You can find that article link  here.

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Why this Facebook replies feature is useful?

Communicate with visitors like never before.  Business page owners will be able to start or join a conversations on their page and reply/post directly to comments.

Have you ever had a post on your site go a bit viral and not in the direction you planned?  It can happen so quickly.  With this feature you will be able to post a reply to a specific comment and get your post back on track.

As the page owner you will have control over the display and shift more relevant comments to the top and move those less relevant or spammy comments to the bottom of a thread.

The application for this feature is endless:

  • Hold open Q & A sessions.
  • Customer Service. Keep conversations relevant. Build longer lasting relationships .
  • Sales. Capture a customer’s intent. Lead through the sales funnel to give you Return on investment on Social Media.
  • Keeping the Facebook ecosystem organized.

This is where I asked, “How do we turn that on for our business pages?”  I’ll show you.

Step one.

Open up your Facebook business page.

How to turn on Facebook replies


Step two.

Click on “allow replies to comments on Page.


Press Save.

Give it a try today and let us know in the comments below what you think of the feature, have a productive day.


About the Author, Jeffrey Rufino

My life work is focused on content strategy and Facebook advertising campaigns to make the internet work for businesses. In my role as a social media manager, I incorporate human psychology, copy-writing and business strategies to produce return on investment for clients. I’m results and project driven.



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