Social Media Marketing Consultation

For faster results, we recommend Social Media Experts who are highly qualified and take pride in treating every business owner as an individual. We understand that different business campaigns methods suit different business so no matter what your level of business you’re in, start-up or established, a Social Media Expert can tailor you a program, show you the best management and sustainable practices and how to use Social Media for your business and inspiring you along the way. Cairns Local Marketing Solutions can provide direction to help you get the most out of your social media marketing budget.

A Personal Social Media Expert will:

  • keep you motivated
  • improve your technical skills
  • ensure every minute of your time online counts
  • introduce new tools and teach you new ways to market your business online

We have Social Media expert specialising in all areas of personal reputation seo and strategy, content creation, Social Media Presence , Social Media Policy, Brand Awareness, customer engagement strategist Speak to Evangelist Mastermind today!


Facebook Plan Roadmap for your small business

Teaching you on the “What/ When/ How” of posting on your page, engaging your audience, building your brand and generating sales.
Teaching you on the “What/ When/ How” of posting on your page, engaging your audience, building your brand and generating sales.

Are You Using

Facebook To Its Full Potential—Or Are You Floundering?

Facebook is a huge social media site that every business needs to be on—but not every business on Facebook knows how to really work Facebook to extract the most out of it. It’s one thing to use Facebook to communicate with friends and family, but quite another to use it as a marketing tool to promote and grow your business.

Chances are, as a busy small business owner, you don’t have time to really sit down and work out a strategy between the 1001 other items on your “to do” list that are crowding you for time.

The simple fact is, if you aren’t approaching Facebook in the right way, you’re throwing away thousands of dollars in lost revenue and missing out on a golden opportunity to increase your brand awareness.

Whether you like it or not, Facebook should be a key part of your marketing strategy and you should be establishing yourself on there now.

Let Me Help You Create A Winning Facebook Strategy That Works

My name is Jeffrey Rufino, and as Australia’s #1 Facebook Marketing Business Coach, I want to help you to increase your Facebook sales and grow your online business. With more than six years of experience helping small business owners just like you to make sales using Facebook’s sophisticated algorithms—and have a little fun along the way. After all, this is social media, too!

In order to maximize your success on Facebook, I’ll work with you to create a Facebook Plan that’s a road map, letting you know exactly what you need to be doing on Facebook every single day of the week, including:

  • What topics you can talk about
  • The best times to post your status updates
  • Clear guidance on best business practices on Facebook
  • Directions on the type of posts you should be putting up daily

One of the greatest benefits that Facebook can offer your business is increased website traffic. Tens of thousands of people in your local area are using Facebook and are looking for the products and services that you offer. Linking your Facebook business page with your website is easy, and also gives you a bona fide reason to talk about your business, promote your services and interact with customers.

How It Works

My Facebook Marketing Plan works works in three phases, constantly guiding you through the A-B-C of transforming a Facebook lead into a cash-paying customer.

  • Attraction—attracting leads is arguably the hardest part of the process—or is it? I’ll show you different ways you can grow your fan base and increase your understanding of your audience
  • Promotion—once your leads are on your page, I’ll show you exactly how you can promote your products and services and transform leads into interested parties
  • Sales—of course, sales are the bottom line here. I’ll show you how you can get Facebook users clicking through to your website and buying your products and services

If you’re serious about growing your business on Facebook but find yourself struggling, it’s time to get help. For just $245, I will write you a Facebook Marketing Plan that gives you a roadmap that shows you exactly what you need to do daily to attract leads, promote your business and gain those vital sales. Order today and discover just how powerful Facebook is when you leverage it right! Call 0411 530 910 to order today!


Google Maps+ Set up

Google Maps Optimisation & Places SEO
Google Maps Optimisation & Places SEO

Google + Maps, we can guarantee you with a wide range of benefits through local search engine optimization.

It all works when Google combines the benefits of customized search results with the local listings and then filtering it based on user preference, device, location, search history and all other elements of personalization. This filtering results in less effort on behalf of the users which then enables them to find the best search results of their searches. Moreover, it offers a positive impact for business optimization. With this service, relevant contents are more likely to be found by users.

On the other hand, local listings also provide business owners with the opportunity to present customers with the right information at the right time. They are able to provide customers with up to date information such as:

  • Contact information
  • Local updates and promotions
  • Opening hours
  • Brands stocked
  • Products and services
  • Plus a lot more…

With all these, businesses are able to receive the valuable feedback they want. They are able to know exactly what their customers think about them, review them and make the necessary actions to improve their service. This becomes a very efficient way for business owners and their customers to be able to build trust between them and build a good relationship with each other. For only $245 one off fee we can help you up Google+ Maps for your business. Call 0411 530 910 to get started today.