Social Media and Australian Mining

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By Jeffrey Rufino

Looking around the many social media sites and forums it seems rare to find Australian mining companies utilizing this medium to advertise and maintain a presence on the Internet.  Social Media is continuing to provide brilliant success for businesses large and small, and top quality Social Media companies are helping lead the way with focused and on point updating and maintenance of Social Media channels which in turn are providing some outstanding results.  Businesses now are being able to bring more personal business message and updates to the customers who want to know and interact with their favorite business and brands.  Why is mining and in particular Australian mining not doing the same?

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Relaying the right message and company image to prospective customers, employees, prospective employees, and the public in general could only help Australian Mining to become more on a level with the masses and at the same time be accessible, personable and willing to be in contact with the public.  And Social Media can help bring open communication and an accessible mining company to the Australian public.  So should mining bring their story and company ethos and best practices to the public?  Why not,  It can be hugely successful!  If small businesses can see the need and the success of Social Media for their business and creating more customers and prospective customers through followers and being readily accessible and willing to engage with the population, then why not big business and in particular Australian Mining?

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It is proven, and continues to be proven, that using the best possible Social Media company or Social Media Manager can bring any business a strong online presence and also help businesses be found on the front page of Google in searches or in fact number one, and thus always available for old and new customers.  What business doesn’t want the best exposure for its business or company?  Why wouldn’t Australian Mining companies want the same!



Perhaps mining companies and Australia mining companies, in particular, are worried about the wrong messages coming from Social Media avenues.  But having said that, this can be handled and also a possible positive for mining by having a top Social Media Company to help manage the Social Media channels and provide an understanding and also answering and educating critics and public alike.  People value having an answer and also value being able to have an opinion and Social Media, being managed by a professional Social Media Company, would be able to turn negatives or criticisms into positives and also show that big business and in particular Australian Mining values its customers, employees and public at large and can also share success, best practice and positive stories or status updates, to keep the public aware of the good and the best practices of the mining industries.

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Social Media, in all its forms, managed and managed well, by a top and knowledgeable Social Media Management Company, can and is proving to be best choice to win business, customers, good online conversation, and personable public/customer interaction and qualified followers.  This alone builds confidence and builds business in this new era of marketing and customer relations.  And any business big or small knows the value of building strong business and now a strong and front-page Internet presence.  Social Media managed well by a Social Media Company proven to gain results can only help Australian Mining create a new age presence and avenue of communication with the greater public.


About the Author, Jeffrey Rufino

My life work is focused on content strategy and Facebook advertising campaigns to make the internet work for businesses. In my role as a social media manager, I incorporate human psychology, copy-writing and business strategies to produce return on investment for clients. I’m results and project driven.