How Social Media Can Benefit Local Small Business in Cairns

What Every Small Business Owner Should Know About Social Media Marketing


By Jeffrey Rufino

Social media was originally a place for people to connect with each other, but in recent years it has become the most promising way to market your business and reach your potential customers. It is probably the most rapidly growing marketing industry, quickly taking over as one of the best ways to help your business prosper.

More and more businesses choose to market themselves through the means of social networking, because it’s simply the most efficient way to reach your clients anywhere in the world. Social media has revolutionised small business marketing, helping to compete with larger and better-established companies through well-optimized social media campaigns.

If you’re still wondering whether to become part of the social media marketing buzz, this article will help you clear things up about the benefits that it can offer.


Personal Relationship with Clients

It is crucial in any business to know as much as possible about your potential customer. The more you know, the better you can personalise your service and increase your chances of standing out from your competitors.

With social media you can engage with your customer base every day, find out their preferences, needs and have a clear picture of what you need to offer in order to satisfy them. In addition, when you cater to your clients personal needs, you build a favourable perception of your company and can become an authority in the field of your service.

Over time, you will gain valuable insights about your market and have a big advantage over your competition.



Generating Exposure to Your Business

The great thing about social media is that people are connected with each other. This means, that if someone finds a good service or product, their friends and contacts are exposed to that information, which can lead to them being interested in your services or products, too. Then, when they use your service, you become visible to their contacts and so on.

The pattern is clear here – if you can provide a quality service, there will probably be a constant flow of new clients heading your way. The same can be said about finding new business partnerships – exposure on the social media realm help businesses find partners and expand.

Social media can also have a positive influence on your search engine rankings, which in turn generates even more leads to your website.


Direct Communication

The great thing about social media is that people tend to spend a big part of their day on it. This can be very beneficial when your service requires communication with your clients.

Whether it’s regarding customer service, feedback or any other reason, your customers are always within reach and that can be very helpful to running an efficient business. If there are any issues regarding your product or service, you can see early warning signs and correct those issues before they can have an impact on your business.


Low Cost

After the economic crisis in 2009, the recession hit Cairns, having significant consequences on every economic sector. Local businesses suffered a big decrease in revenue and thus had to cut down on expenses, including their marketing resources. Only those, who managed to find efficient ways to promote their services, were able to remain successful in these challenging times.

There simply isn’t a more affordable way to reach a wide audience of people interested in your services than through social media. While TV, radio commercials or newspaper ads are out of many small businesses budget range, social media provides an inexpensive choice to stay competitive even with the big companies that have thousands of dollars to spend.

If 15 years ago a small business had little means to compete with large and well-established businesses, today social media provides a realm where you can be on the radar amongst the bigger trees, if you provide quality to your customers.



Social media benefits to any business are enormous, and with a growing audience every day, a business that doesn’t take advantage of it is sooner or later going to be unable to match with the savvy competitors that use social media marketing.

It is becoming a necessity for local businesses to have a presence on the internet, and social media is the place where, if set up properly, your business can stay relevant and visible for the foreseeable future.

About the Author, Jeffrey Rufino

My life work is focused on content strategy and Facebook advertising campaigns to make the internet work for businesses. In my role as a social media manager, I incorporate human psychology, copy-writing and business strategies to produce return on investment for clients. I’m results and project driven.

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