I’ve known Jeff Rufino for 8 years and he is the most stand up professional I have met. His integrity is unheard of in this world and he surpasses your expectations every time. I highly recommend Jeff’s services.
T.J. McCall - eCanyons

“I’ve known Jeff Rufino for 8 years and he is the most stand up professional I have met. His integrity is unheard of in this world and he surpasses your expectations every time. I highly recommend Jeff’s services.”
T.J. McCall eCanyons www.ecanyons.com

“We are absolutely flat out at the moment with enquires and sales, in fact we cannot keep up with the pace, I worked to 12 am last night! Everything you have been doing for us is really working, our website is getting more and more traffic everyday, I’m very happy with the growth.” Jason Smith Managing Director www.coursesforsuccess.com.au

Jeffrey is a go-getter and is not afraid of a challenge. He has a unique view on things which allows him to have such a creative mind. Jeffrey’s combination of drive and passion will see him destined to achieve big things.” May 28, 2012

Leanne Tennant Musician, Leanne Tennant

Jeffrey is a Whizz of Modern Social Media and passes on to you how social media is cost effective, and how to deliver results using social media. Jeffrey helped the Elections this year in Cairns, Song connection with Local Organiser Melissa Robertson and Choir. Jeffrey does an incredible amount for people in the cairns community, the modern guru who moves with enthusiasm for social media in Cairns, creating a new industry when things are tough.

Steven Kilili Energize Productions
Director / Producer / Choreographer

I knew Jeffery through social media: every where I was, so was he. His posts and his photos made him highly recognizable and his language and post style suggested he would be someone easy to get along with.
I first saw Jeffery at a rally I attended. I then met Jeffery face-to-face at the Tropical Innovators Forum. I knew him from his photos on social media – he knew me by my name. I liked his listening skills and his non-judgmental attitude. I was right, he is a person whom is easy to get along with. Jeffery uses social media to grow both his brand and himself and to reach out to others desirous of the same combination. He has captured the right mix of business with social and displays social media ethics and transparency.  This is a person that I would trust my social media strategy to and I have no difficulty in recommending you do the same.

Megan Bayliss, Sole trader The Junk Wave

As a service company, we are currently in the start phase of implementing a social media program. The information that Jeffrey has provided us with has been a revelation in how this form of media can help market and promote our company. We are looking forward to having Jeffrey (aka The Social Media Guy) work with us to obtain leverage from his extensive knowledge and experience in this field in the future.” May 9, 2012

Julie Simon-Abbott Director, Edge Hill Group

“Jeff is across everything Social Media… Lives it, breathes it and is highly creative in his strategies for delivering a return on your investment. Highly recommend checking him out.”

Troy Haines Entrepreneur / Explorer / Connector at theSPACE Cairns

Jeffrey has been moving and shaking around the Cairns Social Media Scene and online marketing scene, creating a name for himself as someone who not only knows his stuff but importantly follows through and delivers for local businesses.” May 9, 2012

Dallas McMillan Senior Veterinary Surgeon at Cairns Vet Clinic

“Jeffrey is very passionate about his business and about social media as a whole! I have spoken and sought opinions from Jeff on numerous occasions and was always inspired and happy with the feedback he has provided me. He is also very passionate about helping out the local communities and his social media campaigns are noticed and congratulated on around the Cairns region.
I will have no issues in recommending Jeffrey to any business looking for social media marketing and/or advice!”

Mike van der Heijden  Online Marketing Consultant Hovan Online Marketing

“It is with great pleasure that I write this letter in support of the Jeffrey Rufino and of the wonderful work he does in the area of social media and marketing! 
Jeffrey helped me in my 2012 Election Campaign. Thanks to Jeffrey I overcame a massive swing to hold office as a Councillor on Cairns Regional Council. I guess you could say Jeffrey played a big role in helping me keep my job! 
I am sure Jeffrey will deliver great results for you as well.” May 2, 2012

Rob Pyne  Councillor on Cairns Regional Council in South Cairns

“If you need anything in the social media advertsing feild contact Jeffrey Rufino and he will be able to help out in that line of work !!!” February 27, 2012

Nicole Catton Emerging Event Manager / Marketing & Promotions 

“Jeffrey is a very enthusiastic and committed business professional. He pursues new challenges; his knowledge of web marketing is distinguished by his creativity and ability to successfully resolve problems.” January 19, 2012

Jakub Ananicz CEO Financial Stock

Thank you Jeffrey SocialMedia Guy Rufino! And for all of your work on the amazing Bolt To Cairns campaign – social media at its finest!” August , 2012

Gavin King   Cairns and Assistant Minister for Tourism in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland.

“Thanks to Jeffrey “Social Media Guy” Rufino for getting this page going for me during the election campaign. Hey Jeffrey we may not have persuaded enough people to vote for me . . . but there’s a great summary on this page of some of the great things my council achieved over the past 4 years.”  May 8 2012

Val Schier Cairns Mayor 2008-2012